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Beaconsfield Tribe Boss

by Girl Tribe Gang HQ

Meet, Annie.

Annie is a northern girl married to a London boy whose life changed dramatically in the last year as she relocated to Buckinghamshire, became a first-time mum and #girlboss of Ethereal London, a feminine womenswear brand.

Having worked in the fashion retail industry for 14 years, most recently as an established Head of Buying & Design, and with a Fashion Design degree she has always loved the creative side.

After a successfully completed embryo IVF cycle, Annie was made redundant from her role of 7 years at the same time in 2017. Strongly believing everything happens for a reason and trusting the timing of life, it was the final push she needed to make a change.

Annie she is now loving every minute of freedom, flexibility and creativity Ethereal London brings. The only thing she misses from her old life are people and connections, which is why she has sought out GTG and is really excited to get out and meet other like minded girl bosses to live the ups and downs of startup life.



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