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Meet Laura.

Laura has 18 years’ experience as a Chartered Accountant working with both UK and international bricks and mortar and online based businesses. Whether it be product or service based, Laura has covered it.

She combines her experience of business strategy and finance with a mindset therapy which clears people of their money blocks – Rapid Transformational Therapy (RTT). RTT uses hypnotherapy to clear mindset blocks, limiting beliefs and deep rooted fears; helping clients to overcome the things that hold them back from creating a thriving life and business and making more money.

With a gender pay gap that is predicted to take over 100 years to close in the corporate world, Laura’s mission is to help more women to see the opportunities that are open to them to start a business.

Laura mentors women with every aspect of their business, including: strategy and taking action with practical advice on product or service offerings, pricing and that all-important mindset.


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