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York Tribe Boss

Meet Natalie.

Natalie launched her business as a VA/Online Business Manager & a second business as a Makeup Artist whilst on maternity leave from her corporate 9-5. With big aspirations for her businesses in the years ahead, she understands the importance of networking and collaborations.

​Natalie has joined all sorts of networking groups, but they were all London centric and she felt like she was missing out on collaborations and networking events due to the distance.

She needed a networking group that was closer to home and that’s when she found Girl Tribe Gang.

​In her previous roles she has worked in accounts and conveyancing. She then spent some time in PR and marketing and for the last nine years has climbed the career ladder in the rail industry.

​Natalie works with female entrepreneurs as their right-hand woman, helping those who are spinning all the plates and wearing all the hats and need a extra pair of hands with running of their business.

Natalie’s creative side is in her second business as a Makeup Artist and helps women who are stuck in a rut, who have lost their way, who need a revamp with their appearance or are lacking in confidence and want to feel beautiful and confident again.


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