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York Co-Tribe Boss

by Girl Tribe Gang HQ

Meet Sarah.

Sarah is a proud Ambassador for Self Love and set up Self Love Ninja in 2018 after experiencing a profound transformation in her own life. She loves to communicate her passion for the subject with those who feel stuck and has great tools and information to share. Many children, teenagers & adults grow up feeling disconnected from themselves because they are taught to please others first. It is her goal to educate and inspire people towards a self-differentiated and expansive approach to life.

Sarah provides Self Love workshops, 1:1 coaching and is actively raising awareness of self love on social media and her website. Spending time around like minded, visionary women inspires her to take risks, have fun and stretch her comfort zone.

Sarah is multipassionate and her main interests are personal growth and property developing, because she loves working with potential. Sarah is a knowledge junkie and has extensive knowledge of Myers Briggs, Enneagram theory and the Law of Attraction.



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