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Why self-love and lipstick is so important in business

by Girl Tribe Gang HQ

Each month, Girl Tribe Gang asks one of our members to share a few pearls of wisdom with us in our Knowledge Exchange. Below, Lisa, founder of Make Up By Lisa and Self Love & Lipstick, reveals how her passion for make up gave her the confidence to share her story of postnatal depression. Find out what Lisa’s top tips are for feeling good and reflecting your true self in life and business.   

I am a make up artist and my main areas of work are bridal, business branding photo shoots and special occasion make up. I am also a lash lift and tint technician.

I started talking openly about my mental health problems since becoming a Mum. My work now combines these two passions – make up and mental health – as I see first-hand how make up can be a powerful tool in boosting confidence, self-esteem and lifting the mood.

I have recently featured my postnatal depression story in The Sun, Fabulous magazine and Women magazine to raise awareness of maternal mental health to encourage others to speak out and ask for help. I have also appeared on Leeds TV and BBC Radio Leeds during World Mental Health Day and am now the regular guest make up expert on the Stephanie Hirst radio show on BBC Radio Leeds.

I host ‘Self Love & Lipstick’ events in Leeds and my longer-term aim is to expand these across the North of England. For more details follow the hashtag #selfloveandlipstick.

Lisa Hammond

Why self-love and lipstick is so important in business

‘Self-Love & Lipstick’ reflects my business perfectly as I believe in the balance between the importance of taking time out to both look and feel good. Make up to me is so much more than painting a face as I know how it can positively affect people internally as well as externally.

In my job I see this first-hand when working with brides, mums on a rare night out, or women going through cancer treatment through my work with the ‘Look Good Feel Better’ charity.

Make up is a powerful tool in increasing confidence and self-esteem; it’s all about us being the most beautiful version of ourselves, however that may look or feel to us as individuals.

Like many of us, I’m a busy woman running my own business, alongside being a Mum. Some of us may be transitioning from employment to self-employment. Whatever our situation, we don’t always focus on ourselves. Instead we concentrate on everyone and everything else and can come bottom of the pile when it comes to priorities.

This is where the ‘self-love’ comes in.

Self-care or self-love are buzz words right now, but taking the time out to do something that makes us feel good is more than a luxury. It can really give a boost mentally. It doesn’t have to be anything of great significance; it can be something that takes just 5 minutes but makes a real difference to your day.

Feel good and reflect who you are

I know how taking a few minutes each day to myself can help me – physically as well as mentally.  I feel more like ‘me’ when I take the time to apply make up. Make up has the power to change or influence my mood, my days are more productive and I’m more sociable when I’ve applied my staple products.

Our sense of self and our emotional responses are obviously different for everyone; it could mean being confident wearing no make up or applying a full face. The important thing is you feel good and reflect who you are, your personality, and the image you are trying to portray.

You may want to go for natural make up, your focus might be on the perfect polished look, or you might choose to wear a power lipstick for that important meeting or business pitch. What matters is the way you are presented so that you feel comfortable and happy in yourself.

I use this information when applying make up for business branding photo shoots. It is very important to get to know the person first, their personality, business ethos and branding etc. so that the final image that is created is a perfect representation of who they are. I also apply this to my bridal work and all other make up appointments as no one person is the same so there can’t just be a generic look for everyone.

make up flatlay

My must-have product

The one thing I can’t live without is filling in my eyebrows that were seriously over plucked in the 90s when barely there brows were a thing!

Brows are my equivalent to the ‘Lipstick Effect’, a known psychological phenomenon in which wearing make up can make people feel more confident, attractive and increase self-esteem. I TOTALLY get this and I don’t mean this in a superficial way as I really believe that make up can have a healing element.

I even applied my eyebrows in the throes of labour as I knew I’d feel more confident with them on! To some this may sound utterly ridiculous but I know others will relate.

What’s your confidence boosting product?

Have you thought about what your one crucial item of make up or go to product is?

If you don’t wear make up it may be a certain scent, item of jewellery, or shoes that reflect your personality and make you feel more put together. You may not have even considered this until now, but you will have an idea of when you feel most confident and how you can channel this in your business and personal life, including on your social media platforms.

Have a think about the colours and styles that reflect you, your brand and how you can incorporate them into your overall look. For example, as a make up artist I go to work wearing natural make up that is all cruelty free because that’s what the ethos of my business is.

Remember, you are your brand first and foremost so how do you like to reflect this?

Lisa Hammond Logo

5 easy make up tips for maximum impact

As busy women, we want easy yet effective make up looks that are going to last a full day of meetings or other work commitments, but still look great and reflect us as individuals.

Here are a few of my make up tips to help you achieve this:

  1. Don’t be afraid to experiment with colours. The choices you make should be dependent on your skin tone, eye & hair colour, accessories & clothes etc. but colours are a good way to show your personality or highlight your best features. This season is all about soft kohl eyeliners in metallic green or blues, gold or purple and are a great way to add subtle colour for make up minimalists or switch up your look from day to evening.
  2. Look after your skin in the colder weather. Be sure to apply a moisturiser day and night cream and invest in a good serum and eye cream. Make up looks nicer on well-nourished skin and has more staying power too.
  3. It’s all about the base. If you use good quality make up and layer it properly you don’t need much product at all. Less is more. I advise applying a primer as your base coat which works by smoothing out fine lines and wrinkles and prepping the skin to accept the base product. Next, I use a cc cream or veil cream in the day for a more natural look. (I only now wear a foundation if I’m on a night out). Next use concealer lightly dabbed on to the areas you need it most. For me this is usually under my eyes, in the inner corners of my eyes and a small amount on my chin to even out redness. Set all the wet products with a loose translucent setting powder to stop the base ‘sliding off’ throughout the day. You can then add your colour using bronzer, blusher, lipstick, or whatever your go to products are.
  4. Highlighter is our friend. Can be applied down the cheekbones to add a subtle glow, over the cupids bow to give the illusion of fuller lips, down the nose for a slimming effect and in the inner corners of our eyes to make us appear more awake. What’s not to love?
  5. Finally, the power pout. Every single one of us can wear a red lipstick! It’s just finding one that suits your colouring. There are so many colours and shades to chose from it can be quite daunting so I’ve written a blog all about this for you to read at your leisure (link below).

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