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Our York Tribe

Our Tribe Home

We’ve partnered up with Hotel Du Vin, situated in the heart of one the most historic cities in the UK. Located in a beautiful Grade II listed mansion house, this boutique venue is the perfect home for our Tribe.

The Power Hour

We’ll be kicking the night off with a power hour from Deborah O’Grady, a Brand Strategist and Coach who has worked in brand marketing for over 20 years with brands such as Hugo Boss, Silentnight, First Direct and Irn-Bru.

Deborah will share her journey from working with big brands to female entrepreneurs. Her mission is to help female entrepreneurs to dream big and create successful brands that are here to stay.

Taking you through the same steps as the big brands she ensures you’re positioned correctly, speaking to the correct audience and helps you find that special something that sets you apart. In her power hour, Deborah will explain how we can prevent our brand values from becoming lost in the online world.

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Meet the Tribe Bosses

Our Tribes are led by fiercely brave and super passionate women. If you think you’ve got what it takes and want to join our team, get in touch and apply.

  • York Co-Tribe Boss

    Meet Sarah.

    Sarah is a proud Ambassador for Self Love and set up her business in 2018, after experiencing a profound transformation in her own life.  She loves to communicate her passion for the subject with those who feel stuck and has great tools and information to share. Many people grow up feeling disconnected from themselves, because they are taught to please others first.  It is her goal to educate and inspire people towards a self-differentiated and expansive approach to life.

    Sarah provides online courses, coaching, and is actively raising awareness of self love on social media and her website.  She plans to write a book and is keen to collaborate with others engaged in health and wellness.

    Sarah is multi passionate and her main interests are personal growth and property developing, because she loves working with potential.  She is a knowledge junkie and has extensive knowledge of Myers Briggs, The Enneagram and the Law of Attraction.

    Sarah welcomes you to the ‘very supportive and friendly’ York Tribe…

  • York Co-Tribe Boss

    Meet Olivia.

    Olivia has been working for over 12 years as a freelance professional photographer.  Her journey into the wonderful world of self employment came after taking a big step to leave the 9-5 and her stable (but very stressful!) NHS Occupational Therapy career.  It took guts but she hasn’t looked back for a moment!

    Olivia’s photography takes her across Yorkshire and the UK.  She has a love for visual storytelling and helping brands come to life through images that have a very natural feel.  Olivia has a particular passion for working with lifestyle, fashion and food brands.  She also works with entrepreneurs creating personal branding images that are meaningful and authentic.

    Olivia lives in central York with her music producer husband and 8 year old daughter.  She’s been a member of the York Tribe since it launched and is absolutely thrilled to be working alongside Sarah on what is such a friendly and supportive group.

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