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Birmingham Tribe Boss

Meet Rachael.

Rachael is Birmingham born and bred, but has travelled the world and lived abroad – including Madrid and Sydney.

In 2011, she faced a considerable health challenge resulting in major surgery, a long recovery and uncertainty about her future.

Rachael had to dig deep to find the inner strength and confidence to move forward. Within a month she had set up as a self-employed marketing consultant and bagged her 1st client (who is still with her 5 years on)! Her consulting business has been fully booked since then and she feels so blessed to have this new found freedom and a career despite her health challenges. BUT, self care now comes first for her.

Her journey also took her to train as a Soul Midwife. A Soul Midwife emotionally, holistically and spiritually supports those at end-of-life. This was never a path she chose to take, but rather a ‘calling’. She feels very blessed to have been given such a challenge and a gift.

Eva & Alma brings all of these things together into one business to empower people to take control of their well-being by healing their life and freeing their soul. Well-being isn’t all about nutrition and exercise – although it’s a very good start!


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