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Our values are part of our DNA. This is us.

Our values are part of our DNA. They are what we are founded on, and they are what we stand for, and they will continue to guide and steer the way we work. This is us.

These are the values our members sign up to. The people we recruit become ambassadors of. The partnerships and collaborations that we create are aligned to. Read more over on our blog.


We are honest, open, originally authentic, fair, and transparent in all that we do. We treat others how we wish to be treated. We are kind, we respect others, and our values are part of our DNA.


We passionately believe that we are stronger together. We are founded on collaboration and on leveraging the collective spirit.


Women genuinely supporting women is where the magic happens. Competition has no place in our Tribe. It’s about being a genuine subscriber of the greater good.

Fiercely Brave

We are the women taking giant leaps into the unknown. The risk takers. The ‘make it happen’ collective. We walk on the wildside together and when things get tough, our eco-system of support kicks right in.


We recognise that our often hidden workforce of women working for themselves, or aspiring to, is a rich tapestry of different starting points, skills, sectors, experiences, life stages, ages, cultures, physical abilities, colours, beliefs and people. Our Tribe is a blend of that diversity.


Our Tribe is built and founded on inclusivity. It doesn’t matter what stage of your entrepreneurial journey you are at, what life stage you are at, or what your business does. You can come and walk on the Wild side with us.

Health and Wellbeing

Your emotional, physical and mental health and wellbeing is what we were founded on. Reducing that isolation and loneliness you feel with our ‘in real life’ Tribes, bringing together like minded women in the heart of your local community. We’ll keep challenging and championing our cause.



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