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The award winning collective for women who work for themselves, spin a side hustle, or aspire to quit the 9-5.

We’re talking fiercely brave, like minded women who support women.

Women who have aspirations to one day work for themselves, women who are juggling the side hustle and are in the transition stage of ditching the 9-5, and women who have already taken the plunge.

We know that working for yourself, or being in that place where you want to work for yourself, can be a pretty lonely place.

We thought that if we could help to reduce even a tiny bit of that isolation you’re feeling, well then that’s going to have a positive effect on your overall health, emotional, mental well-being and success.

We are all about connecting you with like-minded women in your community, empowering you, and helping you grow in confidence and knowledge, in a relaxed and informal way. With women who totally get what it feels like to be you.

Our Mission?

We empower women who work for themselves, spin a side hustle, or aspire to quit the 9-5 to be Fiercely Brave.

We are IRL (In Real Life) Advocates. This is what we were founded on, and our aim is to help to reduce the isolation and loneliness this HUGE hidden workforce of women are feeling. Read more about our DNA here.

Real Life Connection is our thing. 

Believe us when we say you’re not alone on this entrepreneurial roller coaster ride.

With almost 40 IRL Tribes across the UK and Europe that meet up EVERY month, and more on the way, we’re creating the support you need right in the very heart of your community. But we’re also connecting up our members across the UK and Europe through the magical world of collaboration, enabled by our social platforms, members Facebook Group, and our all singing all dancing members directory.

The Power of our Tribe.

As well as reducing loneliness, confidence upping, knowledge gains and new friendships formed – the icing on the cake for us is that our members report that being in our Tribe has resulted in:

  • Gaining new business – both referrals and actual clients.
  • Collaborating with other members.
  • New opportunities which have resulted in media features, PR and awards.
  • Making them feel more empowered.
  • An improvement in their mental health.
  • Making them feel more connected to women in their own community.
  • Feeling more knowledgeable.

A member with benefits

There are SO many benefits to being in our Tribe. Hear it from our members themselves.

Our Story

Tribe Vibes

Our Tribes

We’ve established ‘Real Life’ Tribes, throughout the UK and Europe that come together every month to experience our signature Tribe Vibes. We’ve partnered up with stylish venues, in the very heart of your community, to host our monthly 2 hour meet ups, where you buy your own drinks and nibbles.

At our monthly meet ups we host Power Hours, designed to empower and inspire you. We partner up with experts who come and share their knowledge; fierce females who share their incredible stories on our panels, along with inspire and connect sessions, where our members can get to know each other that little bit more. Everything you need on your journey to help you up your game.

The knowledge sharing is all followed by our signature relaxed networking. An opportunity to connect on a human level, over a cocktail or coffee (or whatever it is you fancy). It’s the connecting where the magic happens - where the collaborations and the friendships start to grow.

And that’s not all....

We’ve created a thriving Virtual Hub too, a back up support to our Real life Tribes, a place where all our members across all our Tribes hang out and connect with each other.

It’s a pretty special place.

  • Membership benefits.

  • Upcoming TRIBE Meetups.

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