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We are social beings. We need connection. We need to feel that we belong.


Come and walk on the wild side with us.

Connection. Real life human connection. Reducing that isolation you feel when you work for yourself. Discovering that wherever you are in your business journey there are women just like you out there in your local community who totally get what it feels like to work for yourself or to be in that space where you are spinning that side hustle or aspiring to one day quit the 9-5.

This is why we have Tribes established and launching all across the country and internationally too. They are mini eco systems of support in your local community, full of like minded women who totally get what it feels like to be you.

We’re talking stylish venues. Relaxed connecting. Power Hours of knowledge sharing from experts. Fiercely Brave women telling their stories. Friendships. Collaborations. Cheerleading. Confidence upping. Evening meetups, and a whole lot more.

Join our Tribe and you will get access to all of this…

Christmas inspired meet up

Your membership includes an invite to a Christmas inspired meet up. *Additional charge may apply*.

Monthly Tribe Vibes

All the Tribe Vibes delivered direct to your inbox every month from our Founder Catherine Asta Labbett.

Spotlight Saturday

The opportunity every week to step into the spotlight to share your wins and achievements, the highs and lows of your week, share your blog posts and the opportunity to promote what you do. We share snippets every Saturday over on our instastories, giving your business exposure to our Insta Tribe of followers, with an average weekly reach of 100,000 accounts.

Knowledge Exchange

Our member Knowledge Exchange is designed to give our members a bigger voice. If you have knowledge to share we want to help you share it through guest blogging, Facebook Lives and IGTV. We've worked hard to grow our social platforms and we want to give our members a platform to share their knowledge on a global scale.

  • Option 1

    Basic Membership

    Our Basic Membership will keep you in the know, with a TRIBE VIBES newsletter delivered direct to your inbox each month from our Founder Catherine Asta Labbett. You'll get the lowdown on all things GTG, membership offers and discounts.

  • Option 2

    Single Tribe Membership

    All you have to do is choose the Tribe you want to join, and you'll get FREE access to your chosen Tribe monthly meet ups, across the year, without having to book. We'll give you a special discount code in your welcome email which you can use for unlimited discounted Guest Tickets access to other Tribe meet ups. Plus you get access to ALL our membership benefits.

    £150 per year.
    Automatically recurring annual fee.

  • Option 3

    ALL Tribe Membership

    This option is for you if you want ALL TRIBE ACCESS. It gives you access to all our membership benefits PLUS unlimited FREE access to any other Tribe meet up and power hours without having to book a guest ticket.

    £349 per year.
    Automatically recurring annual fee.