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Our Terms Of Service

Membership of Girl Tribe Gang is conditional on acceptance of these terms and conditions.  These may be subject to change and we shall not be obliged to notify you of changes so please refer to the My Account page on the Girl Tribe Gang website for notifications of changes that may affect your membership.

  1. We reserve the right to deny membership and refuse access to our meet ups and events.  We shall not be obliged to provide explanation for such refusal and not be liable for such action.
  2. You are permitted to come and ‘try us out’ as a guest to one meet up only before making the decision to join. You decide which TRIBE you want to try. You can only try out one TRIBE before making the decision to join. You have to purchase a GUEST ticket to attend as a guest. These can be purchased on our website via our TRIBES page and cost £15.00. These tickets are non-refundable and non-transferable. If you are not a member you will need to have a guest ticket to be permitted entry into our meet up.
  3. If you cancel your membership, you cannot attend subsequent Girl Tribe Gang meetups on a guest ticket. The guest tickets are designed to come and try us out before deciding to join as a member.
  4. You join online and by submitting such application you are deemed to have accepted such terms and conditions.
  5. Benefits of membership can be found on our website and can be subject to change.  Such changes will be notified on our website.

Managing your membership

  1. You have the right to cancel your membership within 14 days of purchase if you change your mind for any reason.
  2. Fees are annual and are paid as a one-off payment. Your membership fee will be taken by PayPal as a recurring payment every year on the date you joined. If you join on a discounted rate, that discount only applies for that years subscription. Any renewal amount will be set at our standard member rate. Fees are outlined on our website and subject to change without prior notice.
  3. Honorary membership is provided at our discretion and maybe withdrawn without notice.
  4. You are not obliged to renew your membership. If you do not wish to renew your membership and you joined after 1st October 2018, it is your responsibility to cancel the recurring payment on the MY ACCOUNT section on the website. You need to log in with your username and password and cancel your automatic renewal payment. If you joined before 1st October 2018 you will need to cancel your automatic subscription on your PayPal account if you do not wish to renew.
  5. We do not send out reminders of membership renewal. It is your responsibility to cancel if you do not wish to renew.
  6. Membership is for 12 months. We do not offer the option to pause your membership for any reason.


  1. Members do not have to book to attend their Tribe Meetup. However, if members wish to attend a different Tribe meetup as a guest, they do need to book a guest ticket to attend at a discounted rate of £10.00 using a promo code given to them at the time of joining.
  2. You can join as many Tribes as you wish. However, a membership fee will be payable for each Tribe that you join.
  3. GTG LIVE events and other special events will require payment before attending.
  4. Meetups will take place as stated on the website and are subject to alteration without prior notice.  These arrangements are subject to alteration without prior notice. GTG may have to cancel meet ups due to factors outside our control.  We will endeavour to make every effort to avoid this and notify members but we will not be liable under any circumstances for any cancellation.  If a speaker who is booked for a special event does not attend, GTG will not be liable for such non-attendance.

Girl Tribe Gang Virtual Hub

  1. The GTG Virtual Hub (Facebook Group) provides a closed and private space on Facebook for our members where you can shout about your successes, sound out your challenges in a supportive environment and where relevant and newsworthy events, inspiration and motivation can be shared. All new members are introduced in here.
  2. The GTG Virtual Hub is NOT a space for advertising your business. If posts of this nature appear on the page they will be immediately deleted. Posts asking for recommendations are permitted. GTG will use its discretion on posts permitted.
  3. It is your responsibility to request to join the Girl Tribe Gang Facebook Group. You will be asked a series of questions at the point of joining the group. Satisfactory responses will result in members being added to our private group.

Our rights

  1. GTG operates a non-exclusive, open to all policy. There is no limit on members from the same profession or discipline attending.
  2. If any member sets up a business which GTG deems to be in direct competition/OR a conflict of interest we will suspend your membership with immediate effect pending an investigation where we will make contact with our member to explore in more detail before making any decision to remove or withdraw membership. No refund will be given in such case.
  3. GTG may terminate your membership at any time if your conduct does not fit with the core values of GTG. No refund shall be given in such a case and we shall not be obliged to give you a reason for such a termination.
  4. GTG may decide to withdraw a TRIBE at anytime without having to give notice to members. In this case, all members will be offered a place at a neighbouring TRIBE.

Your data

  1. We will respect the information you give us in accordance with the Data Protection Act 2018. You agree that it is your responsibility to keep your data accurate and up to date.  We will use your data to administer your membership.
  2. We will use your email address to communicate your Tribe information to you. We will send you a monthly Member newsletter, Tribe information and updates and special offers relating to Girl Tribe Gang. You have the option to update your preferences and opt out of emails from us at any time during your membership.
  3. Your Single Membership and All Tribe Membership gives you exclusive access to our Members Club area of the website, including a members directory. Any details shared by our members in the Members Directory are only to be used for genuine enquiries, collaboration or business requests, not for unsolicited email marketing. In line with GDPR regulations, email addresses in this database cannot be used for email marketing purposes unless specific individual consent is given.
  4. Full details of how we store and process your data can be found in our Privacy Policy.