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Harrogate Tribe Boss

Meet Anisa.

Anisa works to support parents and families with tips, coaching and workshops to help take some of the stress out of being a parent.

Bringing over 18 years’ experience working in education with teaching roles as well as leadership positions such as Deputy Head and Head of Operations, Anisa’s background internationally also brings influences from global cultures as she has lived and worked in places such as Australia and Colombia. Being a mother, wife and director of her own small business, Anisa is well aware of the juggling act that parenting can be today.

Founding Parenting Success Yorkshire in 2016, Anisa offers support to parents with children of any age, through non-judgmental and interactive workshops alongside events for families and 1-to-1 work with individuals. A friendly open approach is what’s offered, in a relaxed environment, and a recent participant described the workshop as a “parenting party” as she came away feeling excited, inspired and full of parenting ideas to implement in her family home.

Anisa is excited to be the Tribe Boss of our Harrogate tribe!


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