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Sheffield Tribe Boss

Meet Charlotte.

She is a certified Ultimate Coach specialising in NLP and Timeline Therapy. Charlotte left home at 19 and moved to London where she worked in publishing, TV and finally ended up as a sales manager for a luxury health club chain. She bought a house with her partner and thought life was set.

Then after the birth of her son at 29, Charlotte left the relationship, house, her friends and her job and moved back home. She retrained as a hairdresser and got a job in a salon. It was about that time that Charlotte was introduced to her network marketing business. After some massive self development she built that business to a turnover of £1.5 million and it changed her life.

After 5 years in business Charlotte was introduced to NLP & Timeline Therapy and trained with the global ‘Your Life Live it’ coaching academy.

The pillars to her coaching are inspired by Sex & The City: “Dress like Carrie” – this represents your self worth, how you talk to yourself and your identity; “Work like Miranda” – your work ethic, goals, drive, productivity; “Play like Samantha” – your joy, balance and fun, and finally, “Love like Charlotte” – your relationship with yourself and the people around you.


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