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Chester Tribe Boss

by Girl Tribe Gang HQ

Meet Rach.

After qualifying as an employment law solicitor Rach spent many years working for a solicitor’s practice and then a very successful consultancy business. Rach has always been super enthusiastic and ambitious and over the years built up the confidence in herself to quit the day job and become an entrepreneur!

In January 2019 she co-founded Evans Lamsley with her business partner, Nick. Evans Lamsley provides specialist employment law & HR support and advice for businesses and individuals, giving them the freedom to do more of what is important to them!

Rach’s approach is straightforward and honest. HR issues can be stressful and time consuming and so Rach focuses on building relationships with her clients so that they trust her to always be in their corner.

Having the freedom to do more is not only for her clients, but also for herself. Rach created her business so that she could have more control and more freedom of her own life and business goals. Rach is passionate about supporting women in achieving their goals and having the freedom to do more of what they love. Having a supportive network building you up is key to being successful.

Rach can’t wait to re-launch Chester and North Wales Girl Tribe and is really looking forward to bringing like-minded women together to create something truly spectacular!



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