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Colne Tribe Boss

Deborah is a Health Coach helping busy professionals overcome fatigue, stress and brain fog to be able to live the life they desire and achieve all they deserve.

Having spent over 20 successful years in senior leadership roles in financial services, Deborah knows just what it feels like to work in a high-pressure fast-paced environment and end up constantly exhausted and missing out on life. Her own health journey led her to explore the world of complementary medicine and to subsequently study and qualify as a Nutritional Therapist.

Deborah helps her clients through one-to-one coaching, group online programmes and through services such as clinical health testing. She also works directly with organisations who are increasingly investing in the health and well-being of their employees, along with speaking at events to help raise awareness of how we can all elevate our vitality through simple nutrition and lifestyle strategies.

Deborah is passionate about creating connections, relationships and friendships amongst like-minded people. Her deep belief that mutual support, collaboration and a good dose of fun and laughter can make us all feel and operate at our very best is a great fit for Girl Tribe Gang.


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