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Derby Co-Tribe Bosses

Meet Amelia and Elisha.

They are the co-founders of Butler Delves, a company that plans to offer a wardrobe and inventory management service for clients with a global portfolio of properties. The service will be supported by a high-end bespoke digital platform for clients to manage their wardrobes and inventory over several international locations. They are currently in the prototype stage and are about to embark on the scary but exciting journey of securing investment.

Both coming from hospitality backgrounds, and feeling the travel bug, they found themselves working between the Mediterranean and Caribbean in the demanding yet rewarding world of super yachting, where they met.

Through their shared experience of working for high net worth individuals and their entrepreneurial spirit, the idea for Butler Delves was born.

Amelia originally hails from Harrogate and Elisha from the East Coast of Australia, so after finding themselves in Derby, they were keen to find a group of like-minded women. Unable to find exactly what they were looking for, they reached out to Girl Tribe Gang in the hope of launching their own Derby Tribe and here they are.

They are really looking forward to growing their TRIBE.


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