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Elmbridge Tribe Boss

by Girl Tribe Gang HQ

Meet Sarah.

Sarah really loves taking photographs and has done since she can remember.  It nurtures her creativity, soul and she would be lost without it.

However, that’s what you would expect to read about a photographer so here’s a few other things you might like to know about her:

  • Sarah hasn’t eaten red meat since her 12th birthday
  • Nothing will stop her having a boogie on an empty dance floor if the music is right!
  • She is not a fan of spiders but has had to learn to pretend they’re ok so that her children don’t turn into her.

After having children the world became very small. Now Sarah wants to share her re-discovery, through photography, with everyone that wants to join in. It’s not just the creativity that she loves it’s the relationship that develops with people. Sarah can empathise with those who find it awkward being photographed; she originally started her adult life as an actor, standing on stage was no problem but having her portrait taken for a headshot was a truly terrifying experience.

The most important thing you need to know is that photography makes Sarah smile and that’s what she wants it to do for you too.


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