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Henley & Marlow Co-Tribe Bosses

by Girl Tribe Gang HQ

Meet Steph and Jennie.

They are friends who have worked together for years, most recently at The Wonky Agency – a digital-focused marketing agency in Buckinghamshire that Jennie set up with her husband, Matt, just over a year ago.

TWA was created around their desire to create a family-centric business that would allow them both the flexibility to enjoy family life and truly find #workthatworks. Jennie previously held marketing roles agency side but most recently managing client relations at a luxury super car manufacturer before having the children and setting up Wonky.

TWA is a marketing agency based in Buckinghamshire with a variety of clients from all industries and sectors, having gained a reputation for bespoke development – why settle for something that isn’t quite right when you can build it?!

Steph joined Team Wonky in January of this year. She has experience across the luxury, automotive, lifestyle and healthcare sectors, and is loving having the ability to grow the business first-hand and gain a better work-life balance.

Girl Tribe has done such fantastic things for both the girls and their business, that they wanted to give back to other local small businesses and spend more time with others in the same boat.



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