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Huddersfield Tribe Boss

by Girl Tribe Gang HQ

Meet Kelly.

Kelly has a degree in Sports Rehabilitation from the University of Salford. She moved to London to work at Headley Court – the Centre of Excellence for Military Rehabilitation. Her role here was to help service personnel to recover from injuries.

Kelly moved to Richmond to work at the Help for Heroes Recovery Centre. She worked there for 5 years helping service personnel and veterans during recovery.

Moving back to Huddersfield in 2017, she went full time with her company, Yorkshire Yogi. Kelly inspires people to nourish their physical and mental wellbeing. She offers a range of services to schools, companies and individuals. Kelly is just about to open her own Yoga and Wellbeing studio in Huddersfield.

Kelly is passionate about living a life that is real, honest, fun, scary and that pushes us beyond our wildest dreams. She believes that our power is our mind; that we are capable of achieving so much more than we believe; nature has the answers to most things; that we are stronger together and that memories are far more important than things.

Kelly is excited to be a part of GTG because she loves what it stands for. She is looking forward to meeting some like-minded women and sharing inspirational stories.