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Leeds Co-Tribe Boss

by Girl Tribe Gang HQ

Meet Gillian.

Gillian is a perfect example of why GTG totally rocks. She has a busy day job to pay those pesky bills (and keep her in the style she is accustomed to!); whilst she develops her ‘side hustle’ in the background!

She has over 20 years’ experience in PR and events, as well as spending her teenage years as a TV and radio presenter. Gillian has worked across the private, public and charitable sectors for clients as diverse as Jorvik Viking Centre and the University of Leeds; and with a-listers including Dame Judi Dench and Colin Firth.

With a family history of floristry, horticulture and farming, Gillian has finally given in to fate and is utilising her outstanding creative gifts to develop her side hustle as a florist and event stylist. Her new business works with private and commercial clients seeking to create stunning, insta-worthy events. You can find her on Instagram @wherebeesmeet.

Since joining the Leeds Tribe, Gillian has benefited hugely from making new connections and loves being part of such an amazing group of inspiring women. She is extremely passionate about ensuring the Leeds Tribe is as welcoming and kick-ass brilliant as it can be!



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