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Leeds Co-Tribe Boss

by Girl Tribe Gang HQ

Meet Hayley.

After 17 years in the business world and leaving her role as Head of HR, Hayley set up Change the Chat CIC with her co-founder. Holly.

Change the Chat is a Social Enterprise providing consultancy, training, recruitment and coaching to help businesses to attract, develop and retain talent through flexible working.

‘Our mission is to close the gender pay gap by supporting companies to innovate their working practices. This in turn enables companies to offer equal opportunities for all in the workplace regardless of whether you can work ‘traditional hours’, enabling more gender balance and diversity. There is currently a talent bottleneck, many highly talented individuals are frozen out of the workforce as they need to work differently. Generations X, Y and Z  value flexibility and work life balance over salary.’

Hayley joined GTG as she is passionate about providing and facilitating support in a relaxed environment that can also fit with women’s lives and responsibilities. GTG is not only for business owners but women aspiring to go it alone, the right support within that period of transition and once established can be transformational to both the individual and their business.


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