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Leeds Co-Tribe Boss

by Girl Tribe Gang HQ

Meet Hayley.

After 17 years in the business world, Hayley has built a unique skillset leading People, Culture and Human Resources teams in a variety of organisations.

Hayley combines working as a Senior HR Leader with running Rebel HR – an innovative Human Resource company that specialises in working with start-ups.

They look at simplifying cutting edge approaches to make it more accessible for start-ups and smaller businesses, especially those looking to scale up, make change and grow.

As a “Rebel”, they intend to disrupt the traditional HR approaches. They aim to be radical in all that they do to leverage the power of people and embed a culture that will make your business more profitable and productive, whilst creating sustainable and manageable change.

Hayley joined GTG as she is passionate about providing and facilitating support in a relaxed environment that can also fit with women’s lives and responsibilities. GTG is not only for business owners but women aspiring to go it alone; providing them with the right support within that period of transition and once established, can be transformational to both the individual and their business.



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