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Godalming Tribe Boss

Meet Victoria.

She is a self-confessed coffee addict, romantic and extremely creative London girl who has made that much dreamed of leap to escape to the country.

Focusing on her main loves, she’s a wedding and brand story photographer based in Surrey, where she has recently moved with her husband, Ali, with the intention of growing both her business and family; the latter likely starting with a four-legged addition whilst the house is transformed.

Her business is a labour of love as she wants to create beautiful, lasting moments for everybody. She also loves to blog about what she has been up to and how she can help brides-to-be and bosses (girls and boys) to capture their story and use this to promote their businesses.

A career Civil Servant until 2014, her romantic and creative nature took over and she began photographing friends’ newborn babies and children, quickly moving on to portraits and then weddings.

Three years on and her business has evolved to focus on wedding and brand story photography although you will still find her capturing newborns and families as her focus is always on capturing the moment to tell the story.


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