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Manchester Tribe Boss

Meet Laura.

Laura created The Vibrancy Hub, a collaboration of wellness experts, to support individuals and businesses to really thrive. Their focus is to help businesses to cultivate a vibrant, high performing culture and help individuals to enhance their happiness levels by focusing on creating the optimal work / life integration so they can flourish.

As a retired Chartered Accountant (don’t judge!), she spent 15 years in the corporate world nurturing skills such as strategic thinking, problem solving and developing teams to perform at their optimum. She is energetic, curious (read nosey!) and has an overwhelming passion for helping people to become the very best version of themselves. She believes that personal development can often be taken too seriously so has an overarching rule with everyone she works with and that is to have fun!

The Vibrancy Hub delivers results through coaching / mentorship programmes, workshop / programme delivery, team day facilitation and much, much more. Anything to do with human potential is on the table!

Laura is a qualified yoga instructor who enjoys yoga and wine in equal measure! She is a sports nut, coffee snob and lover of water. She lived in Sydney for five years but is happy to settle back in the sunny northwest of England with her pooch, Chutney.


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