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Content marketing: how to work smarter not harder

by Girl Tribe Gang HQ

Each month, Girl Tribe Gang leverages our collective voice and empowers our members to upskill each other by exchanging their knowledge in a series of blogs, FB Lives and Instagram TV.

July 2019 is our #KnowledgeExchange Online Content Creation month. In this guest blog, Rin Hamburgh, founder of copywriting agency Rin Hamburgh & Co and member of our Bristol Tribe, explains how repurposing your content is key for doing more with less. 

Marketing is one of those activities that can end up taking over your entire to do list. There are just so many places you can be focusing your efforts: writing blog posts, making videos, recording podcasts, tweeting, going live on Facebook or Instagram.

How do you fit it all in?

The trick is to work smarter rather than harder by repurposing the content you create so you can do more with less.

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Blogging: the backbone of your content marketing strategy

Blogging is a hugely powerful tool for any business. It has so many great benefits: it adds value for your target audience, it can help establish your expertise, and it’s great for SEO too. A well written blog gives your clients or customers a reason to keep coming back to your website every week even if they’re not in the market to buy right now. It will help them see your brand in a positive light and, when the time comes for them to make a purchase decision, you’ll be first in their minds.

There is, of course, an investment involved with writing a blog. You might have decided to bring in a professional copywriter to create super engaging posts for you, in which case there’s an actual financial cost. But even if you do it yourself, there’s still the investment of your time and that in itself costs money. But that’s why we don’t want to leave it there…

Social sharing – again and again

How often do you share your blog post on social media once it’s been published? A lot of people will only do it once, for fear of being seen as ‘spammy’. But there are loads of different ways to share the same thing so that it feels fresh every time and will also capture different audiences. For example, you can share a post using:

  • A direct question – to drive engagement
  • A powerful statistic – to grab people’s attention
  • An opinion – to encourage debate

Things like statistics or even inspirational quotes taken from within your blog post can easily be formatted in a visual way using a design tool like Canva. This gives you another way to engage with your audience using the content of your blog post.

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Repurposing your blog for different formats

Some people aren’t big readers. Others just don’t have time to sit down and read a blog post, even if it is only going to take 5 minutes (mums, you know what I’m talking about!). Whatever the reason, it could be that your audience would prefer to access the valuable content you’re producing in a visual or audio format.

Once you’ve written a blog post, you’ve done the real hard work.

Recording that post on an app and uploading it to a site like Soundcloud as a podcast is, in comparison, a really easy task. Making a video might feel like a bit more of a challenge, especially if you’ve not done it before, but  it’s actually super simple. You could even start with a Facebook Live from your phone to get over the first nerves.

Talk through the blog’s key points (no need to memorise the entire post verbatim) or just run through one before directing people to the blog to read the rest.

Presentations, pitches and press releases

And there’s more!

A big chunk of the effort that goes into writing a blog post is assembling the thoughts, stats, anecdotes etc that form the basis of the content. Having made that effort, think about what other marketing activities they could be used for.

For example, are you giving a talk at a networking group? Why not use the key points of one of your blog posts as the basis for that talk. This is especially powerful for ‘how to’ pieces or ‘top tip’ lists and ensure you’ll be delivering real value.

Even better, use relevant blog posts within sales pitches. If you’ve got a post that makes a great case for why someone should use your services or buy your product, there are bound to be useful proof points and key phrases that you can bring into a pitch.

And why not share the value you’ve created with a journalist in your industry? A blog post can often be turned into a press release.

By thinking outside the box and dedicating a little bit of time to planning, it is possible to do a great job with your content without having to spend every spare hour on it.

Remember, the more you use and reuse a single piece of content, the bigger the return on investment it will bring you.

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Connect with Rin

Take a look at Rin’s #Fierce Female feature on the Girl Tribe Gang and her story of quitting the 9 – 5 to launch a six figure turnover business.

Girl Tribe Gang’s #KnowledgeExchange

Girl Tribe Gang’s #KnowledgeExchange has been designed to recognise that ALL of our members have knowledge to share and that we’re ALL experts in the stuff that we know. Each month, we leverage our collective voice and empower our members to upskill each other by exchanging their knowledge.

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