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Co-working opportunities for Girl Tribe Gang members

by Girl Tribe Gang HQ

At the kitchen table or in the home office, women who work for themselves up and down the country, often miss out on that human to human interaction with others, and it can be a lonely place.

Without the daily office chat, after work drinks or even the Christmas party to look forward to, isolation and loneliness can quickly become a reality, and it  can have a huge impact on your overall sense of health and well being.

To combat some of these feelings of loneliness and isolation, Girl Tribe Gang has created our ‘real life’TRIBE meetups where women come together on a monthly basis with other women who totally get what it feels like to be them to connect, share and inspire.

We’ve also created an online community that is a supportive and friendly place for members to have an instant sounding board and celebrate successes.

During the working week, however, we felt that more could be done to tackle that day to day isolation and increase the opportunities for our members to expand their business network by meeting one another (and others) whilst benefiting from a space from which to work.

magazine and mobile phone

Girl Tribe Gang + Wizu Workspace partnership

We have joined forces with what is undoubtedly, THE most stylish and on brand work space on offer in Leeds City Centre. Girl Tribe Gang and Wizu Workspace have entered into a partnership agreement, to work together, to positively impact health and well-being.

Located in central Leeds, it will bring co-working, meeting, office and event space at an exclusive rate to our members. They have two super stylish, sleek and contemporary designed sites in Leeds which our members (from across the country) are able to use.

Wizu Workspace Leeds

We recognised that many of our members are not at the point in their businesses where they can commit to taking on an office, so co-working is the perfect interim step. Partnering with Wizu Workspace means that we can offer a co-working service exclusively to our members in an affordable and flexible way. We have negotiated a package and discounts that ordinarily wouldn’t be on the table.

From August 1st 2018, Girl Tribe Gang will have a central hub as the HQ Team will be moving into its new office in the Leeming Building, Leeds. Founder, Catherine, will be basing her psychotherapy business, Bringing Sparkle Back, from Wizu Workspace and when she is not seeing clients she is planning on getting social and connecting by using the co-working space on offer.

wizu workspace leeming building leeds

Leeds Tribe July party

We celebrated our partnership by hosting our July Leeds Tribe meetup at Wizu Workspace, where our members and guests were treated to free fizz, nibbles and goody bags from Sweetie Street Co.

We were welcomed by the staff from Wizu and had a tour of the co-working space followed by a #powerhour from business psychologist, Carol Brooks on resilience where she talked about living on “the edge of chaos”.

Photographs on the night were captured by Maryanne Scott from The Branding Photographer. 

The evening was one of positivity and connection. The feedback we received from our members confirmed to us our tribe and the co-working opportunities we have created are needed and so important to women who are working for themselves.

Six reasons why co-working is good for your business

To highlight the benefits co-working can provide to you and your business, here are six reasons why we are advocates of working in a communal space:

1. Connection, collaboration and community

These elements are the bedrock on which Girl Tribe Gang is founded and we believe that meeting other people who work for themselves who are in the same boat as you can bring infinite opportunities and a wealth of support.

2. A professional space to meet clients

No more worrying about where to wow your potential clients. A co-working space is the ideal place to hold meetings and events. In Wizu’s case, they have two venues in Leeds city centre, both ideally located close to the train station.

3. An inspiring place to work

Surrounded by interesting people and in a contemporary and upbeat environment, a co-working space has a great atmosphere in which to work and beats the hum of your fridge in the corner of a silent kitchen!

4. Great facilities and additional perks

Not that there’s anything wrong with your house, but there are definite perks to choosing to work in a co-working space. At Wizu you can expect fast, unlimited WiFi, lockers, showers, reception desk, meeting space hire, mail and telephone call handling services, free Yorkshire tea, Bottega Milanese coffee and breakfast cereal. Plus, no more packing up your laptop every time you need the toilet at a coffee shop, only to return and find your seat has gone!

5. Increased networking opportunities

From chatting over a cup of coffee in the morning to organised events, a co-working space increases your chances to get involved with other businesses from your local area.

6. A reason to get dressed and leave the house

We’ve left this one until last but we know it will probably resonate! If you work from home regularly you may be familiar with the sudden realisation that you haven’t left the house in days. Basing yourself from a co-working office is a great incentive to leave your four walls, knowing that you’re heading to a positive environment where you can work.

Wizu Leeds Leeming Building

Summing up Girl Tribe Gang in five words

Inspired, Motivated, Empowered, Capable and Supported…

These were just some of the words our members and guests tweeted and posted to describe how they felt post meet up. It reinforces exactly why we created this magical collective.

What would being part of Girl Tribe Gang mean to you?

We’d love for you to come along to one of our Tribes as a guest to see what they are like. Information about all of our Tribes, when they meet and how to join us can be found on the Tribe pages of Girl Tribe Gang’s website.

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