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Focus on a Tribe Boss: Lauren – Manchester

by Girl Tribe Gang HQ

We’re back with another of our monthly spotlights on our incredible tribe bosses. This month we’re taking a peek into what life is like for Lauren, a freelance marketing consultant plus Tribe Boss at our amazing Manchester tribe. 

We caught up with her to ask her about what life is like as a female business owner and her thoughts on life as part of Girl Tribe Gang…

1. What’s the name and nature of your business?

My business, like a lot of GTG members, is in the exciting (slightly scary) pre-launch stages.

I’ve spent the past 2 years working as a freelance marketing consultant while studying to retrain as a psychotherapist, which will be the basis of my new business.

I qualify in the summer and I’m now starting to think about want I want that business to look like and who I can best serve with my skills and experience. My work will combine my business background with my new therapy skills.

For me, it’s all about creating an authentic life outside the 9-5 for my clients (and myself). Getting to the core of who you are as a person, peeling off all the insecurities, fears and expectations of others to find out who you are, what you want and more importantly HOW to create that life that you really crave.

Whether you’re stuck in a job you hate but have no clue what you’d like to do, or you have an idea but don’t know how to take that out of your head and make it happen, it’s my mission to help!

Lauren OSullivan Manchester GTG

2. Why did you decide to become a Girl Tribe Gang Tribe Boss?

I first joined Girl Tribe Gang a year ago and since then I’ve met so many like-minded people in my local community who support and cheer each other on.

It’s been pretty life changing!

When the opportunity came up to lead the tribe, I jumped at the chance.

It’s an amazing thing to be part of!

3. What’s your advice for anyone thinking of joining Girl Tribe Gang? 

Come and say hello!  It’s such a friendly supportive community, you won’t be disappointed.

I remember being so nervous going to my first meetup, but once you’re there you realise everyone is just like you!

The best thing is coming away from each meetup being motivated and inspired with a bunch of new contacts/ cheerleaders/ friends!

4. Share a moment you’re most proud of in life or business?

I’m lucky that prior to working for myself, I had a successful corporate career working in Fashion Marketing for over 10 years. When I first stepped up to a senior position in my late 20s was a very proud moment. It was a gear change in my life that enabled me to travel the world and work on some amazing campaigns with some amazing people.

However, my proudest moment was when I decided I wanted more than what my current life was offering me and chose to leave that world behind.

I quit my full-time job to invest my time and money in changing my career. It felt like a scary thing to do and if I’m honest, it really hasn’t been easy.

I think sometimes feeling like you’re getting nowhere is the inevitable price you pay for being ambitious and trying to change your life. I constantly need to stop and take stock of how far I’ve already come. I’ve learnt so much in the past 3 years about business, life, myself. I regularly need to remind myself of that!

Even now, after all the hard work I’ve put in, I’m still very much at the start of my journey and who knows what will happen! But that’s exciting! And no matter how things turn out, I’m most proud that I’ve taken that step and tried!

Lauren OSullivan Manchester GTG

5. What’s your favourite thing to do to relax when you’re not working?

Relaxing for me usually involves spending time with my lovely husband, friends and family.

Visiting beautiful places, good wine and good food are all up there with my favourite ways to relax. I also love to read, which has been super helpful with all the studying I’ve done this past year!

6. Who is someone you really admire and why?

There are a lot of people I admire including lots of my friends and Girl Tribe Gang members who have made amazing leaps in their businesses this year.

More than any one person though, I genuinely have deep admiration for anyone who is out there just giving it a go.

Starting your own business is tough, you have to face some of your biggest fears, but you’ve got to just trust yourself and do it.

So whether you’re successful, failing, making mistakes or learning lessons, hats off to you for making things happen!

7. What’s something you want to do in the next year that you’ve never done before?

The next year is very much about putting into action everything I’ve learned and all the plans I’ve put in place over the last 3 years to launch my business.

I think it also runs deeper for me: this year is about finding my voice, putting myself out there into the world and seeing where it takes me.

Connect with Lauren

Join the Tribe

If you’re a woman running your own business, or who aspires to work for herself in the Manchester area and would like to join Lauren at a Tribe meet up, check out all the information on the TRIBE pages of the website.

We’d love to see you at our next Manchester meet up!

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