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Focus on a Tribe Boss: Rachael – Birmingham

by Girl Tribe Gang HQ

We’re back with another of our monthly spotlights on our incredible tribe bosses. This month we’re taking a peek into what life is like for Rachael, who is the founder of Eva & Alma and Tribe Boss at our amazing Birmingham tribe. 

We caught up with her to ask her about what life is like as a female business owner and her thoughts on life as part of Girl Tribe Gang…

1. What’s the name and nature of your business?

The name of my business is Eva & Alma (this means ‘Life & Soul’).  The nature of the business is to empower and support people to take their well-being into their own hands and learn how to achieve total wellness by balancing mind, body and soul health.  I’m very much focused on the importance of self care and self love.

I do this by offering various Healing sessions at The Soul Sanctuary in Stourbridge.

This includes: Intuitive Coaching, Reiki, Crystal Healing, Meditation, Mindfulness, Yoga (Zen, Restorative and Kundalini), Past Life Regression and Psychotherapy. Some of these sessions can be offered online.

I am also a Soul Midwife who emotionally, holistically and spiritually supports someone through their end-of-life journey.

As well as Healing sessions, I have an online store that sells ‘Sacred Self Care Kits’ and other soulful products to aid self care and total wellness, plus, I lead healing and wellness retreats.  My next retreat is in Spain 30th June next year.

For every product sold, a set amount of money is donated to sponsor my Soul Midwife work.  This will allow me to offer free support to as many people I can in their homes, hospital setting or hospice.

I used to work in marketing for some of the world’s biggest brands.  I then became self employed following my own health journey and was happy tootling along running my business until my soul calling became overpowering.  To say I was yanked out of bed by the universe and shook ‘ wake’ is an understatement!

I just decided to trust what was happening and mix it with a personal passion of mine (emotional well-being) and that’s where Eva & Alma was born.

A complete change in direction!  One I wasn’t searching for or ever considered. But the one that feels the most natural.

Rachael Field
2. Why did you decide to become a GTG Tribe Boss?

I wasn’t looking to become a Tribe Boss as I didn’t like networking!  However, when I was given all of the info about GTG and Catherine’s mission, I knew I had to do it.  I’m all about women supporting women, collaboration over competition, empowering and honouring others to lead the life they want to lead – in this case, running a business.

I also want to make REAL connections and not just salesy contacts, as working for yourself is lonely.  I need honest relationships and even friendship in my business life now.

3. What’s the best thing about being a Tribe Boss?

Meeting fabulous women with wonderful and unique businesses; making friendships and collaborations with like-minded women; seeing these women grow and step into their power as a female leader / entrepreneur. Watching other people grow makes me very happy.

4. What would you like to achieve for your Tribe?

As my Birmingham Tribe is quite fresh, right now I’m hoping to slowly build it into a wonderful community of like-minded women who all have each other’s backs.

Once the Tribe grows a little more, I want to start igniting collaborations between the tribe where there is potential and then watching these relationships move forward. I have wonderful speakers lined up over the next 6 months too offering advice about varied business subjects and other exciting topics and issues that female leaders want to learn about.

Rachel Field Birmingham Girl Tribe Gang

5. What’s your advice for someone thinking of joining Girl Tribe Gang?

Just do it. There is no need to have any fear.

Whatever size of business you have, or wherever you are on your journey, you will find that everyone is welcome.

You will meet some wonderful women who genuinely want you to succeed and we will all help each other grow to whatever success means to you.  Success is very personal and there isn’t a right or wrong.  Whatever success is to you is what’s important.  You will have a safe space to share your fears and your joy in business.

With my corporate background and fierce commercial and negotiating skills, I know what it’s like to run a corporate business so welcome women who run big businesses.  With a leadership style that comes from my heart, my own experience of running a ‘heart centred business’, and my love for helping others, I also understand female business owners who want to keep it small yet make a huge difference to the world.

You’re all welcome at GTG!

6. Share a moment you’re most proud of in life or business

I really can’t share one moment as I am genuinely so proud of everything I’ve done since becoming self-employed (that’s what self-love does for you).

I faced enormous adversity and had to dig deep into the depths of my Soul to be brave enough and do what I do now.  But, if I really had to choose one thing I’m most proud of… it would be my Soul Midwife work.  I cannot tell you what it feels like to know you’re loving and supporting someone and their loved ones, through to a ‘good death’.

It’s work that I feel immensely proud of and feel so lucky to have been given this gift as it’s a very sacred time in someone’s life.

Eva and Alma

7. What’s your favourite thing to do to relax when you’re not working?

Yoga (especially Restorative), meditation, outdoor swimming, being by the ocean, walking in nature,

Listening to Spanish music, visiting Spain, dancing round the kitchen to Hip Hop music!

Hanging out with my soulmate, my hubby

Taking baths and creating rituals to enjoy them even more

The list goes on!

8. Name someone who inspires you and tell us why

Not business related but my biggest hero in life – my Nan.

She was full of love and the most amazing person on this planet.  She welcomed everyone into her heart and her home.  She was my safe space.  She wasn’t a business woman, but she was a savvy lady and it just wasn’t on her life goal to run a business.

Having said that, she inspires me daily and one of the reasons I set up Eva & Alma.

9. Share a big business goal with us

One day I’d like a franchise of Eva & Alma’s Soul Sanctuaries around the UK and beyond.

A personal goal is to run my own Soul Sanctuary in the Spanish mountains and invite top holistic experts to join me in hosting retreats, workshops and loving spaces for people to heal (heal doesn’t mean cure.  It also doesn’t mean you have to have an issue – it just means ‘inner peace’ and acceptance).

I’d like to set up niche retreats for those living with chronic health and empower them to find their own healing path, create a life they feel part of despite their limitations, and find happiness through adversity.

As part of the centre, I’d also like to offer people a place to come and die in a peaceful, non-clinical surrounding if that is their wish.  A safe and sacred space filled with love as they take the sacred journey ‘home’.  A difficult subject I know, but an important one to be heard.

Connect with Rachael

Join the Tribe…

If you’re a woman running your own business, or who aspires to work for herself in the Birmingham area and would like to join Rachael at a Tribe meet up, check out all the information the TRIBE pages of the website.

We’d love to see you at our next Birmingham meet up!

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