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#WomenWhoHave quit the 9-5: Charlotte of Your Story Coaching

by Girl Tribe Gang HQ

Our Girl Tribe Gang #WomenWhoHave feature shines a spotlight on one of our amazing Tribe members. 

In the #WomenWhoHave feature, a Girl Tribe Gang member will share her story of how she quit the 9 -5, plus her hints and tips for building an incredible business. If you are thinking of taking the leap then these women are the ones who can tell you what it’s really like.

Women who have quit the 9 – 5: Charlotte’s story

In today’s interview, we’re speaking with Charlotte, founder of Your Story Coaching, who is a member of our Reading Tribe about her experience of quitting the 9-5.

Tell us a bit about your business?

My business is Your Story Coaching; a Confidence Coaching business that specialises in working with ambitious women to overcome their limiting beliefs, enabling them to achieve what they want in life; be it going for that promotion, quitting the boring 9-5, turning their side hustle into the real deal, or taking their current business to a new level.


What did you do before you worked for yourself?

Prior to working for myself I worked in Change Management; it was my role to create and advise Senior Management on change strategies to maximise employee adoption and minimise the resistance for large scale business changes. This meant change such as structural, or process led were thoroughly devised and managed.

We could predict how employees would feel and react, so we knew from the beginning of a project how best to implement the change to ensure minimal disruption to the entire business.

What or who inspired you to make that leap of faith and quit the 9-5?

I always knew I wanted to work for myself one day; constantly coming up with different ideas for what it might be. But I never felt passionately enough or confident enough to take the leap of faith.

It wasn’t until I read a self help book written by the wonderful Jen Sincero, titled ‘How to be a Bad Ass’ did I realise my constant question asking, love of helping others, and need to challenge the status quo could be channelled into a career; that is when I knew I wanted to be a coach.

I then took the next logical step and hired a coach for myself, with whom I got super clear on my life goals, the steps to get me there and how I was my biggest blocker.

Through this self discovery I realised it wasn’t such a ‘leap of faith’ as I had let myself believe. I was in control of my life, and I could make the transition as quickly or slowly as felt comfortable (yet challenging) to me.

What advice would you give to other women who want to take the leap and work for themselves?

I would advise other women not to overthink it. Yes, it is a HUGE life changing decision, but it is a decision you are making and are therefore in control of.

Don’t think of it as a giant mountain you need to conquer in one day, but break it down into more manageable chunks. Plan how you can transition from one to the other so you aren’t left overwhelmed and continue to put it off.


Name the one resource (a book, podcast, website, tool etc.) that you cannot live without in business and why?

There are so many amazing tools out there that allow us small businesses to keep things in house rather than feeling we always need to outsource.

My favourite would be Canva; a great tool to create your own designs from Facebook ads, presentation decks to invitations and posters. It is also perfect for those who are shall I say less creative as they offer 100s of templates to pick from! What more could you want?

What has been the biggest lesson you’ve learned (in life or business) since working for yourself?

I have learned two big lessons since working for myself (although I am sure there are many more to come).

My first lesson is to not rush into making decisions without thoroughly thinking them through and doing a bit of due diligence. There are lots of companies out there who will sell you the ‘dream’ (and although some of them truly do), most of them won’t.

In the very early days of starting out, I received a call out of the blue from a wonderful sounding company who said I would be guaranteed X amount of new clients every month if I signed up to their database for a year. Alongside this, I would be fully supported and promoted throughout.

It sounded perfect; a way to reach my target audience, a company who would be supporting me and would mean I had to spend minimal time marketing myself. The reality however has been very different. Since handing over my hard earned money I am yet to receive a single client enquiry or phone call to check in. Watch this space…

My second lesson was how much I underestimated the need to be surrounded by and supported by other people. Working for yourself can be lonely. I mean stay-in-your-pjs-and- not-to-speak-to-anybody-for-days kind of lonely.

I am an extroverted person naturally and I hadn’t considered how much this would impact me and my performance. Now, I will work from a co-working space, coffee shop or anywhere that means I have to get dressed and can be surrounded by buzzing activity.


Where do you see yourself this time next year? Paint that picture for us

This is a great question and if you had asked me a few months ago it would look completely different. Since going out on my own I have been fortunate enough to fall pregnant with my first child so my goals have had to change quite dramatically over the past few months!

Now, in a years time I see myself juggling the ever questionable work-life balance and doing what I love.

I will be working with ambitious women to overcome their limiting beliefs to enable them to achieve everything they want in life. Whilst hopefully finding my feet with the completely new world to me that is motherhood. Wish me luck!

How has being a member of Girl Tribe Gang helped you?

As I’ve said, working for yourself can be lonely, and I can’t stress the importance of having a support network around you; not only in the bad times but also to celebrate with you in the good!

Girl Tribe Gang was the first group I met that felt like me, and that I belonged. It is full of so many inspiring women who are all on their own journeys. It has been great to learn from them and genuinely make friends for life.

Where is the best place to find out more about you?

If you would like to find out more about me, my story or how I can help you then contact me on 07852911104 or Also, take a look at my website

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