3rd July 2019

To kick start the night we’re bringing you a power hour from Rachel Letham, Success Coach & Wellness Entrepreneur on “How to bring moments of mindfulness into your life when you’re building a business”.

Having spent 13 years in a corporate career, Rachel trained as a Certified Coach with Mindful Talent and now coaches ambitious business professionals who seek clarity in their career. Rachel started writing a weekly newsletter to her followers last year and the Self Care Survival Kit is now an inspiring dose of self care reaching a global audience.

Rachel will be bringing her self care tips and strategies for how to bring mindfulness and self care into our daily lives as aspiring business owners, successful entrepreneurs and for anyone who needs to put their own oxygen mask on before helping others.

Rachel will be sharing her thoughts on why self care isn’t selfish and how to prioritise self care and mindfulness in order to live as the best version of ourselves.

Come and walk on the wild side with us…

**Guest tickets are non-transferable and non-refundable**