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All by myself

We talk about loneliness a lot.

That’s because it’s how and why Girl Tribe Gang was founded. It’s the reason why we have IRL (in real life) Tribe meet ups happening right across the country (and now Europe) in local communities EVERY single month. The work that happens behind the scenes from our Tribe Bosses and our HQ team to make those monthly meet ups happen in almost 40 locations is immense.

This is quite possibly THE hardest thing I have ever done in my life. So there has got to be a deep and meaningful and astounding reason why.

I had the honour of writing in the November issue of Women’s Health magazine about the loneliness epidemic – as well as meeting with the Government in January this year to contribute to the Loneliness Strategy which is designed to help tackle the loneliness epidemic. I wrote it with my Bringing Sparkle Back hat on, because there are so many touch points in a woman’s life when loneliness hits.

Relationship breakdown. Losing a loved one. Being married (when all you are doing is existing). Becoming a mum. Being single when everyone else around you is settling down.

Working for yourself has got to be up there as one of the most isolating and loneliest chapters in your life, and that can have a huge impact on your overall mental health and emotional well being.

And the thing with loneliness is that there is still a huge amount of stigma and shame attached to it. If you’re successful, motivated and passionate then why would you feel lonely? Loneliness and shame often go hand in hand. We are conditioned from such a young age to be popular, to have friends, so admitting to others that we are lonely can make us feel vulnerable and ashamed.

You can combat loneliness and it starts with being honest with yourself about how you feel, and then taking action to connect, in a meaningful way.

And just like mental health, the more we talk about loneliness, the more we break down those barriers, the more we water down the shame, the more we can impact the epidemic which leaves 4 out of 10 women in our community feeling lonely working for themselves.

If you are feeling disconnected right now, reach out, get out there and connect in meaningful ways.

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