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Our Brighton Tribe

Our Tribe Home

We’ll be meeting upstairs at The Joker, nestled in the heart of the vibrant London Road quarter of Brighton.

The Power Hour

We’re bringing you a #powerhour from Lucy Rowett – Sex and Relationship Coach on “Living a pleasure-filled life as a female entrepreneur.”

Female entrepreneurs really are superheroes. Not only are we running around after our families, friends and partners, we also are working on making our business dreams into reality. But when there is so much on our plates and a never ending “to-do” list, it’s often our physical needs that get neglected first, and then our relationships will take a hit.

Lucy proposes a radical shift in our self-care routines: living a life filled with pleasure. Yes, pleasure! When we are disconnected from our pleasure sources, we are disconnected from our bodies, our inner wisdom and our innate sensuality. When your libido has taken a nosedive – whether through stress, being too busy or illness – and it’s impacting your relationship, the simple key to finding it again is rediscovering what feels pleasurable.

Lucy will be sharing her 3 top secrets to making pleasure your lifestyle to breathe new energy into your life – both inside and outside of the bedroom.

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  • Brighton Tribe Boss

    Meet Gemma.

    Gemma studied Marketing at University and during the summers would work as a brand ambassador at events around the country. She went on to work in account handling in experiential marketing agencies, although her passion was always food and catering. Gemma led the management and production of large scale campaigns and events in the UK and abroad.

    She secured a contract at MTV and moved her professional career into the world of TV and media. Gemma continued to cater for parties, corporate weekends and produce popup dining experiences in her spare time.

    In recent years Gemma has developed a sideline nutritional business called Feed, which she launched with a friend. Their aim is to educate people to confidently choose the right ingredients to fuel their bodies. Gemma now focuses her spare time on building Feed, producing content for their blog,, as well as hosting food events.

    ​Gemma is a huge believer in the power of networking and new experiences and owes much of her life journey so far to the contacts she has made over the years. She is super excited about being part of the community and growing a tribe in her new home town of Brighton.

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