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Our Glasgow Tribe

Our Tribe Home

We’ve partnered up with Saint Judes, hosted in their stylish function space “level one” situated on Bath Street. With lots of stylish and elegant function rooms, coupled with a fabulous bar for those all important cocktails, it’s the perfect place for our Tribe.

Meet the Tribe Boss

Our Tribes are led by fiercely brave and super passionate women. If you think you’ve got what it takes and want to join our team, get in touch and apply.

  • Glasgow Tribe Boss

    Meet Rachel.

    Rachel started her business when she was only 21 years old after realising that the world of 9-5 wasn’t going to give her the type of lifestyle and choices she wanted. She initially built her business up alongside her full time job, however only 1 year and 4 months into that journey her monthly income from her business exceeded what she was earning in her 9-5 job.

    Her business specialises in botanical and cruelty free health, beauty and wellness products. She now has customers from all across the UK to Canada, Australia, New Zealand, Taiwan and America. She’s passionate about educating people about the importance of what they put into their bodies but also on to their skin and the benefits of using toxin free products.

    Now 26 years old, she has 2 little girls. She loves the flexibility her business gives her to work it around their schedule and be fully present in their lives.

    She’s passionate about helping other women create more freedom and choices for themselves and their family through encouraging entrepreneurism and coaching people to set up their own business. She joined Girl Tribe Gang as she loves the community and support this provides for women in business!

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