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Our Tribe Home

We’ve partnered up with Saints Cafe, an uber cool community hub focused on bringing people together and showcasing and supporting local businesses. With plenty of free on-street parking right outside the venue, it’s the perfect home for our tribe.

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Meet the Tribe Boss

Our Tribes are led by fiercely brave and super passionate women. If you think you’ve got what it takes and want to join our team, get in touch and apply.

  • Maidenhead & Windsor Tribe Boss

    Meet Tracy.

    She is a southern girl who grew up in Devon and now lives with her husband, Jamesie, in Maidenhead. Tracy has transformed her life over the last 5 years and now dedicates it to helping others do the same.

    Having spent 17 years in IT and 10 years in her recent position as an IT leader in a large regional marketing agency, Tracy knows only too well the challenges of working in a male dominated environment and the impact of the ‘big job’ on your health and well-being. Long hours and high pressure secured Tracy great successes but started to compromise her health, family and happiness too much, so things had to change.

    Tracy started Bright Yellow Coaching 18 months ago. She works with people on a 121 basis to help them deal with their stuff and get what they want from their life. She also works with leaders to help create successful teams that drive their businesses forward whilst being happy, healthy and supportive places to work.

    Tracy empowers people to make the choices that enable them to live life – and not just ‘do life’ – in pursuit of their happiness and success.

    She joins GTG to be a part of a like-minded and supportive community of women.

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