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Our North London Tribe

Our Tribe Home

We’ve partnered with the beautiful Café Hampstead, an independent neighbourhood restaurant and bar situated in heart of Hampstead. We have exclusive access to their private bar and the venue have generously created a list of cocktails for only £5 each for our members and guests.

The Power Hour

To ensure the night kicks off with maximum sparkle, we’ll be joined by Jackie Booth who will be sharing her knowledge in a #powerhour on how to embrace your confident self at home and in business.

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There are currently no more upcoming meetups, but new ones are added frequently - so check back soon for updates!

Meet the Tribe Boss

Our Tribes are led by fiercely brave and super passionate women. If you think you’ve got what it takes and want to join our team, get in touch and apply.

  • North London Tribe Boss

    Meet Nathalie.

    Nathalie started ballet at the age of 3 and entered the conservatoire in France at 9 years old. Unfortunately, some health issues cut her career short and forced her to slow down and stop dancing.

    Nathalie went to business school and gained her masters degree, but without the great conviction she had for dancing. She began a career in marketing and brand management in the cosmetics and fashion industry.

    After the birth of Nathalie’s second child, dancing and fitness caught up with her. She started doing Pilates more regularly, took her first ballet barre class and totally fell in love with it. She decided to train as a barre instructor and made a dramatic change of career. It may have been risky but she wanted to try.

    Creativity and teaching is now a reinvigorated passion. When Nathalie teaches, it feels like home. There is never a day when she feels unhappy about her decision of working for herself. Nathalie takes great pride in helping women regain their confidence through fitness.

    The North London Tribe is a great opportunity to bring together like-minded women and share each others’ knowledge and experience.

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