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We’ve partnered up with Qubana for our meetups with exclusive access to their secret underground bar, La Bodega.

Meet the Tribe Boss

Our Tribes are led by fiercely brave and super passionate women. If you think you’ve got what it takes and want to join our team, get in touch and apply.

  • Wakefield Tribe Boss

    Corinna launched her own business ‘The Mummy Circle’ in September 2017, and has never looked back. She left her teaching career of fifteen years to find a better work-life balance, and being her own boss certainly provides that.

    ‘The Mummy Circle’ offers Baby Massage and Yoga classes to over a hundred mums on a weekly basis, as well as ongoing postnatal support in the form of regular workshops, meetups and events.

    Corinna is passionate about providing her clients with the best service and support possible. She has undertaken various CPD courses, including Gentle Sleep Training, Story Massage for older children as well as babies, and a course specifically for nurturing newborns under 8 weeks. She is also training in Traumatic Birth Recovery therapy, after identifying a need within the groups that come to her classes.

    She is a great supporter of women, and believes that a strong social network is vital to mental well-being. Through the Wakefield Tribe, Corinna hopes to help women connect with each other, and be each other’s greatest cheerleaders!

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