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If you think your DNA speaks our DNA, we want to hear more.


We are always looking for fiercely brave and super passionate women to launch and lead our Tribes right across the world. If you think you’ve got what it takes and want to join our team, get in touch and apply.

Who we are looking for?

You will be a social butterfly, well connected in your local area, socially and digitally savvy, a complete supporter of women and totally up for the challenge of building, growing, nurturing and leading your very own Tribe with us as a side hustle alongside your existing business, with the full support of Girl Tribe Gang HQ. It doesn’t cost you anything to start a Tribe, and we will pay you commission as your Tribe launches and grows. You’ll lead your monthly meet up in a stylish and on brand venue in the heart of your community.

The benefits for you..

  • Exposure for your business across our social channels + PR coverage
  • Profile raising in your local business community and beyond
  • Being at the heart of your Tribe of like minded women
  • Getting paid to empower and inspire
  • Joining the leading collective for women working for themselves or aspiring to
  • Opening up a world of opportunities and collaborations to you.

Most of all, being a part of our community, living and breathing our Values, and a proud ambassador of our growing brand.

Become a Boss

Partnership + Brand Collaboration

If you think our DNA speaks your DNA then please get in touch. We are big believers and passionate advocates of collaboration. We have created an organic and authentic following to our brand and we’d love to hear your partnership and collaboration ideas. Download our press pack below to find out more about us.


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Write for us

​If you’re a Girl Tribe Gang member and fancy guest blogging for us, we want to hear from you.

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Power Hour Speaker

If you’re a woman or a man and you’ve got knowledge that needs sharing, a book you are launching, or an inspiring fiercely brave entrepreneurial story that needs to be told, we’d love you to get in touch.

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